Sonny Warner - Voice Talent

Sonny Coast to Coast

About Sonny

When you hear Sonny Warner, what you hear is one of the best-known voices in TV promo today. Why do stations coast to coast pick her? Sure, sure...there's her amazing range of voices. But it's her love of TV and local news that drives her. Sonny understands because promo, news and sales is what she did before VO. She lives and loves it, making it possible to get a new member of your creative team when you choose Sonny.

She's a certifiable news junkie, too. When you need her - she's there. Her career best for script-receipt-to-air-time: 22 minutes. Emergency reads? Breaking news? Sudden Saturday POP airplay? Sonny's there.

Give Sonny a listen and you'll see why WXYZ's DAVE BAUMANN got her on the TV promo voice track.

And that's that.